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About Us

Skinner Excavating, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a land development contractor for new construction and underground pipe repair and maintenance.  New land development consists of four primary areas:  rough cutting of roads and grading, underground trenching for water, sewer, storm drain and telephone line installation, road surfacing, and sidewalk, curb and gutter installation.  Skinner has built large commercial sites, including a 30+ acre and a 15+ acre substation for PacifiCorp.  Skinner Excavating, Inc. is using GPS and laser technology to increase accuracy and productivity on projects.
Steve supervises all bid preparation, daily field operations, finance, contract negotiations, quality control, and customer satisfaction.
The Company has focused primarily on new land development and served the Wasatch Front region of Utah.  The Company also works directly with municipalities to perform pipe installation, repair and maintenance. 

The Company has developed a strong reputation as a reliable and high-quality land development contractor.  By focusing on execution and timeliness, the Company has earned the reputation for “doing it right the first time” which saves clients time and money.

The Company has achieved continual growth in revenue and profitability with minimal advertising demonstrating the strength of its referral base. 

Many of the employees have been with the Company since inception.  The Company has focused on building a strong team of highly skilled individuals that take responsibility and work hard during peak periods. 

On a typical job, about 30 percent of the work is subcontracted, primarily to concrete and paving contractors.  Over the years, the Company has developed a base of experienced and reliable subcontractors which follow the corporate philosophy of “do it right the first time” and in a timely manner.

One of Skinner’s strengths is that jobs are completed on schedule and on budget.  Consequently, the developers receive the 10 percent to 20 percent remaining in the escrow account more quickly when they work with Skinner. 

Skinner Excavating, Inc. stands completely behind the work it performs and that of its subcontractors.  If there is any type of problem, it is simply taken care of as quickly as possible. Even if the problem issue is not a result of Skinner Excavating, Inc. or its subcontractors, the Company will move quickly to resolve the issue.  This philosophy results in satisfied clients, an excellent reputation, and a high level of repeat business.
Skinner Excavating, Inc. is a woman-owned business, with Carolyn A. Skinner being the major shareholder.
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